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Maka official design by Glaceon1362 Maka official design :iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 0 0 Oc sketch by Glaceon1362 Oc sketch :iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 3 0 Ib all Alone- Final Stage by Glaceon1362 Ib all Alone- Final Stage :iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 3 1 SEARCHING 362 by Glaceon1362 SEARCHING 362 :iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 8 4 KND/SU AU: Numbuh 362 by Glaceon1362 KND/SU AU: Numbuh 362 :iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 1 0 Delphi sketch by Glaceon1362 Delphi sketch :iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 1 4
Pi Day!
“Oh god no.”
Silver groaned, slamming his face onto his desk. It was bad enough he had to do some paperwork (being a dex-holder required it), but he also had to tame his mentally insane girlfriend. However, all thoughts of anger vanished when he saw the bright smile she always wore, which never failed to make him feel giddy. “What is it, Kotone?” he sighed.
“Do you know what day it is?”
Silver blinked. “No Kotone, I don’t. I have stuff to do, so can you please leave?” With that, Silver went back to signing the multiple documents laid out in front of him. He heard Kotone groan behind him. “Goddamn Kotone, please. We can spend time together later.” He added, hoping that would do the trick.
“Fine…” she sighed, sulking out of the room. Silver felt a pang of guilt at her unhappiness, but nonetheless continued his work.
A good hour later, he smelled something ama
:iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 4 30
Special Project (PREVIEW)
JIGOKU: Full of demons, vampires, shadows, ghosts, and the like. In Hell, there are three stages of punishment: First Charge, like being in a gang or a violent person, means becoming a citizen of Jigoku, and randomly becoming one of the beings mentioned earlier. Second Charge, like stealing or murder, means burning in Hell. Third Charge, like mass murder or terrorism, means having your soul violently tortured and destroyed.
KUMOAN: Surreal world that acts as the base for angels. Angels are what good people turn into. Certain people become advisors to the head of angels. More of a vacation-like spot, but is also currently being used as a training facility for the army against the villain.
HEAD OF ANGELS: A group of angels who stand for all that’s good. No one knows what they look like.
CANACHI- strange beings that were created solely for the villain. Shape-shifting assassins, they are highly dangerous.
FREEDOMING: An angel can bless anyone who ha
:iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 2 9
OMAMEW by Glaceon1362 OMAMEW :iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 1 16
RP as Prussia with Cleverbot FAIL
Me: *invades vital regions*
Cleverbot: No! Mein vital regions!
Cleverbot: Correct, and am I Human?
Me: I am awesome!
Cleverbot: Not as Awesome as the Awesome Prussia.
Me: But I am Prussia!
Cleverbot: Nein, I am Prussia!
Cleverbot: Where did Germany come from?
Me: HRE!
Cleverbot: Where is here?
Me: Awesome-land!
Cleverbot: Marry me, brother.
Cleverbot: Yes, brother. We will become one and then rule the world.
Cleverbot: Prussia will become one with me too, da? Prussia was once one with Russia, and will be again.
Me: Oh shit
Cleverbot: You're being outsmarted by a computer. How does it feel?
Me: Not awesome!
Cleverbot: What? The awesome me is always awesome!
Cleverbot: No you aren't.
Cleverbot: What is Prussia?
Me: .....what the fuck.
Cleverbot: Hola.
Me: Spain?
Cleverbot: No. Portugal.
Me: Oh.
Cleverbot: When I was 10 I moved to finland.
Me: So now you're human.
:iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 2 18
Damn Otakus
“Woman. What are you doing.”
Kotone turned to see her beloved Silver staring at her, an annoyed look on his face. She blushed and hid her phone behind her back. “Nothing~” she giggled.
“You were watching that lame ass show weren’t you? Italia or something?”
“It’s pronounced Hetalia damn you!” Kotone hissed.
“Whatever! You watch too much of it! It’s like you’re fucking addicted!” Silver sighed, massaging his face with his first 3 fingers. “How many episodes did you watch?”
“But each one is only 5 minutes-“
Kotone grumbled. “59…” she let her head fall into her lap. “I’m sorry, Silvy! I just love this show so much!”
Silver groaned. “But you can’t fucking waste your life away watching it! I’m starting to get worried about you!”
The female blinked. “You
:iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 11 51
The hell...? by Glaceon1362 The hell...? :iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 1 24
It Doesn't Define Me: Chapter 5
It took a while, but eventually Jordan and Israel managed to get Rald to fall asleep while they took watch.
An awkward silence hung in the air, as both countries were both embarrassed from the earlier apologizing. Jordan finally muttered, “Israel…what’s your human name?”
Israel blinked. “Pardon?”
“Well, all countries have human names, right? Like Japan is Kiku and America is Alfred. What’s yours?”
Israel scowled. “Why should I tell you? You’ll just use it against me somehow! Besides, I have no need for one, I can’t go outside without you trying to kill me-“
Israel stopped. “What was that?”
“Ujala. My human name.” Jordan frowned. “It means light of the universe.” She sighed and released her hair from the bun that was holding it back, letting the choppy brown locks reach her shoulders. “Now what’s yours? I’ve told you mine.”
:iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 1 31
Hetalia ship meme by Glaceon1362 Hetalia ship meme :iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 6 3 What is Art by Glaceon1362 What is Art :iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 1 15 Hey Mimi! by Glaceon1362 Hey Mimi! :iconglaceon1362:Glaceon1362 2 33


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I'll start actually posting my art here in a second
Cuz I've been gone for a while
and my art has improved
so ehh
oh yeah did i mention i am dating an actual angel
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